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Discussion & Dissemination Fora

One of the essential targets of BITrum's activities is the open exposition and argumentation of contrasting viewpoints and interests on information and informational phenomena. Therefore, discussion and dissemination of results is not only an aspect of research impact for us, but also an essential element in BITrum's methodology. 

Currently, the following three tools for discussion and dissemination have been designed and developed specifically for BITrum purposes:

Glosarium BITri (sp, en)
Glossary conceived as a basic tool dealing with basic notions of information sciences. It offers a cooperative tool able to expose and confront distinct concepts and notions behind information terminology. It includes a complex multidisciplinary methodology for the explanation of concepts, theories, metaphors and problems on information.
Some of the main contributions to BITrum's research project are presented and discussed. The blog contains contributed articles, conferences, prepublications and articles from the glossary.
BITagora (en)
Developed in collaboration with the Science of Information Institute, it is a space for the discussion and promotion of information sicence. It contains interviews, book and article reviews, thematic discussions, news on research projects and financial support, etc. (More information and participation: private area)
At the same time, BITrum, by fostering DomusBITae Initiative, works in the development of other tools for scientific discussion, dissemination and international impact of the ongoing investigations.