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Editorial proposals

The dissemination of result as well as general promotion of texts contributing to the conceptual and theoretical clarification of our research are among the main BITrum objectives. Therefore, and additionally aiming at improving dissemination and impact of these editions, BITrum has developed an editorial proposal, including: 1) translations of prominent works into Spanish, bringing these themes of major scientific and social concern closer to the Spanish speaking public, 2) proposal of original texts developed within the project frame.

Proposed Works

A) Translations from English:

1)  FLORIDI, Luciano (2010). Information: A very short introduction. Oxford: Oxford University Press.
2)  HOFKIRCHNER, Wolfgang (2010). A Unified Theory of InformationAn outline. Singapore: World Scientific Publishing.

B) Translations from German:

3)  CAPURRO, Rafael (1978). Information. Ein Beitrag zur etymologischen und ideengeschichtlichen Begründung des InformationsbegriffsMünchen: Saur. 320 pp.
4)  JANICH, Peter (2006). Was ist Information? Kritik einer Legende. Frankfurt a. M.: Suhrkamp., 180 pp.
5)  LYRE, Holger (2002). Informationstheorie. Eine philosophisch-naturwissenschaftliche Einführung. München: Wilhelm Fink. 265 pp.

C) Translations from French:

6)  SEGAL, Jérôme (2003). Le Zéro et le Un. Histoire de la notion scientifique d’information au 20e siècleParis: Syllepse. 904 pp.

D) A book compiling the translation of important papers from:

7)  Barwise, Chaitin, Conrad, Dreske, Floridi, Hofkirchner, Israel y Perry, Kolmogorov, Matsuno, Marijuán, Stonier, Varela y Maturana, Weizsäcker.

E) The reworking of:

8)  Díaz & Salto (eds.) (2008). What is information?.  Proceeding of the First International Meeting of Experts in Information Theory an Interdisciplinary approach. León: Universidad de León.
9)  Díaz, J.M., Salto, F. & Pérez Montoro, M. (eds.) (2010) Glossary of concepts, metaphors, theories and problems concerning information. León: Universidad de León.

More information

A more detailed content of every work can be found in the private area (access here)

If someone would wish to partake in the proposal, as editorial collaboration (where translation and reviewing of texts is needed) or by means of presentation of new proposals, which will be very welcomed by editorial board, please contact coordinators.