First International Meeting of Experts in Information Theories

An interdisciplinary Approach
November 6th -7th 2008 | Sierra-Pambley | León | Spain
With the purpose of making an interdisciplinary approach to the concept of information in which the maximum number of perspectives were met, almost a hundred of researchers of ten nationalities and different disciplines were summoned on November 6th and 7th in the friendly setting of the old house and school of Sierra-Pambley, nearly at the foot of the outstanding stained-glass windows of the Leon's Cathedral.  In these windows (vitrum), a multiplicity of colours, nuances and shapes -potentially joined in solar light- are summoned by expert and patient work. In the BITrum project it is intended to gather the multiple ways to see information.
In the intensive debates, whose lectures are collected into the attached book "¿Qué es información?" (What is information?), were articulated around the mayor problems arisen from a partial view of information (frequently just concerned with technical difficulties):
  1. the semantic problem
  2. the pragmatic problem
  3. the objectivity or subjectivity nature of information
  4. Is a unified notion possible?
The participants, among whom there are national and international experts of maximum reputation (see programme), put forward the best scientific arguments towards a notion which could be better for both scientific work and the safeguard of social interests.
The full texts (both separate and compiled in the e-book "What is information") are available in: (1) the archive of this site (as e-book), (2) the blog of contributions to BITrum (as separate articles), (3) or in the open-access folder (into the folder "Ponencias/Papers") used for the event and where the whole Meeting documentation was delivered. Abstracts, brochure and poster of the meeting are attached within this page.









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