Thursday, November 6th - Morning

Opening: Vice-chancellor of the University of León, J.A. HERMIDA ALONSO
Presentation: J.M. DÍAZ NAFRÍA (Universidad Alfonso X) y Francisco SALTO ALEMANY (Universidad de León)
Lecture: Rafael CAPURRO (Stuttgart Medien University) Present, past and future of the information notion
Round Table: The semantic question (contexts, truth, contradiction)
Luciano FLORIDI (Oxford University) Semantic information and the correctness theory of truth
Ricardo PÉREZ-AMAT (Rey Juan Carlos University) Towards a semiotic theory of information
J.R. ÁLVAREZ BAUTISTA (León University) Semiotizing nature & naturalizing culture
J.M. SAGÜILLO (Santiago de Compostela University) Information-theoretic Logic
Gemma ROBLES (Univ. La Laguna) Weak Consistency and Strong Paraconsistency
Chairman: Francisco SALTO (Univ. León)
Critics: Margarita VÁZQUEZ (Univ. La Laguna), Manuel CAMPOS (Univ. Barcelona), Jesús EZQUERRO (UPV-EHU)

Thursday, November 6th - Evening

Round Table: The pragmatic question (systems, persons, society)
Peter FLEISSNER (Technical University of Vienna) The «Commodification» of Knowledge in the Global Information Society
Mario PÉREZ-MONTORO (Univ. Barcelona) Information in organizations
Blanca RODRÍGUEZ (Univ. León) FERNÁNDEZ-MOLINA (Univ. Granada) Competing views of information: human right vs. commodity, private vs. shared property
Félix BARRIO (INTECO) The promotion of the information society from the State administration
Chairman: Margarita VAZQUEZ (Univ. La Laguna)
Critics: Ricardo PÉREZ-ÁMAT, Estela MASTROMATTEO (Univ. Central de Venezuela), Leticia BARRIONUEVO (Univ. León)
Lecture: Alberto GALINDO (President of the Royal Academy of Sciences) From bit to qubit -the point of view of quantum physics

Friday, November 7th - Morning

Round table: Is information a subjective or an objective category?
Manuel CAMPOS (Univ. Barcelona) Information: objetive?, subjetive?, redundant?
Manuel LIZ (Univ. La Laguna) Information, world and mind
Salvador GUTIÉRREZ (R.A.E.) Information and informative functions in linguistics
Tomás ORTÍZ (Univ. Complutense) Neural communication: approaching behavior from brain rithms
Chairman: Pedro MARIJUÁN (Univ. Zaragoza)
Critics: Jesús EZQUERRO, Mario PÉREZ-MONTORO, Julio OSTALÉ (Univ. Salamanca)
Round Table: Is it possible a unified theory? (reductionism, holism, unified theory)
Wolfgang HOFKIRCHNER (Univ. Salzburgo) How to Achieve a U.T.I.
Pedro MARIJUAN (FIS) The Advancement of Information Science.
Juan LARA (Univ. Salamanca) Intracelular Gestion of Information: from DNA to proteins
Alfredo MARCOS (Univ. Valladolid) Ideas for a Unified Theory of Information
Chairman: Jesús EZQUERRO (UPV-EHU)
Critics: Peter FLEISSNER (Univ. Técnica de Viena), Rafael CAPURRO, Anto FLORIO (UPV-EHU)
Closing: Enrique MARTÍNEZ MARÍN (INTECO General Director)
José Manuel MÉNDEZ (Univ. Salamanca): Closing and invitation to BITrum

Friday, November 7th - Evening

Planning BITrum project - interdisciplinar elucidation of the Information Concept
Pre-project presentation; Discussion of objectives and methods; Participation; Planning y Signatures.

Saturday, November 8th

Informal Planning of BITrum project
Visits to the stained-glass window of the Cathedral; House of Sierra-Pambley; Kings Pantheon and Museum of San Isidoro.
Walk through the town (San Marcos, Guzmanes, Húmedo...)