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Proposals to Programmes

of International Research Support

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According to the strategy agreed in BITrum constitution (§1.3, Strategy
 §5), it pursues the consolidation of the group as a Spanish reference in information theories while tightening links with European and international networks. Thus a complement of national and international actions is planned, partaking in public support calls at the national and international level.

To this respect proposals have been submitted in the following lines: 1) Erasmus+, 2) 7FP - eInfrastructures, 3) COST; 4) EUROCORES; 5) EUROINVESTIGACIÓN; 6) Consolidation of a national reference centre.

Erasmus+ KA2 / Strategic Partnership in Higher Education

A project proposal, named PRIMER (PRomoting Interdisciplinary Methodologies in Education and Research), was submitted to this programme in april 2014 by a consortium of 11 European academic and scienctific institutions. The basic idea of the proposal  consists in fostering interdisciplinary methodologies in research and education, deepening the efforts deployed in the ongoing cooperation between the Faculty of Interdisciplinary Studies of the Hochschule München and Universidad de León since 2011. It includes an advancement of domusBITae elementary modules as a means of communication and sharing of educational and research assets. The specific development of interdisciplinary information studies related to BITrum's objectives is foreseen.

    ALFA III Cooperation Programme with LA 

    The ALFA III Programme of co-operation between Higher Education Institutions of the European Union and Latin America belongs to the EuropeAid Development and Cooperation Framework of the EC. The proposal presented in 2011 is aimed at developing an international academic programme, particulary focused on contributing to the erection of a Common Higher Education Area in LA, in which information represent the thread of commonality among different scientific disciplines. To this end 3 major goals are pursued (1) the broadening and consolidation of an open e-Science environment for the cross-disciplinary study of information at a regional and global scale, aimed at promoting an interdisciplinary culture; (2) the development of cross-disciplinary educational programmes based on the natural, technical, social and human aspects of information, aimed at contributing to the erection of a Common Higher Education Area; (3) the support of academic and training programmes by means of open information infrastructures.

    Seventh Frame Programme | Data for e-Science

    In November 2010, a preliminary proposal of an e-Infrastructure for the development of Interdisciplinary Information Studies, called domusBITae, was submitted to the FP7 call on Data for e-Science. The proposal was aligned to the objectives and features discussed in the FIS2010 Conference in Beijin. In addition some new characteristics were incorporated into the design discussed within the consortium composed by 14 academic and scientific institutions from Europe, America and Asia.


    European Cooperation in Science and Technology (COST) 

    COST programmes offer financial support to activities involving the development and implementation of scientific nets (meetings, conferences, interchanges ...). BITrum has competed in 2009 and March 2010, in the last case, under the title "Bridging domains: a multidimensional approach to information” as a "Preliminary Proposal" (Trans Domain). In both cases they were preliminary proposals, that is, proposals that are still to be developed into a full proposal once they have been approved. Even if in 2009 the proposals did not reach the second phase, their evaluation has been encouraging. 

    Theme Proposal EUROCORES (European Science Foundation)

    The European Science Foundation (ESF) calls for new collaborative research Programmes, and BITrum has presented a programme proposal. This is the first phase. In the case of being elected (only 5 each year), ESF opens a new programme in which further collaborative research projects compete, each of them with its own specific national financial support (this is the second phase). Once participant projects are set up, the third and final phase is entered, which is devoted to collaborative research and dissemination of results. BITrum's proposal was presented with the same title as in COST, in 2009 under the acronym EUROBITrum, in 2010 under the acronym euroBITae. Both proposals are available in private area as a first step in a collaborative elaboration towards further ulterior calls. See:


    Euroinvestigación (Spanish Ministry of Science and Innovation)

    Subprogramme of the "Plan Nacional de Internacionalización de la Investigación" organized by the Ministerio de Ciencia e Innovación, which in turn is also coordinated with the Eurocores programme. In this case, the proposal is presented as a coordination initiative: Elucidación   interdisciplinar del concepto de información: teorías, metáforas y aplicaciones”, presented to Eurocores.

    Consolidation of a reference centre in information theories

    Presented in December 2009 to INTECO ("Instituto Nacional de Tecnologías de la Comunicación", promotor of BITrum's first Meeting on Information) under the title: “Creation of a reference center and a European net on the concept of information: theoretical and applied aspects". This project is based on the Euroinvestigación proposal, but with a more limited reach and centered into the initial technical needs for the development of the first phases of the project.