Hofkirchner at the Universidad de León

October - December 2009
ProgrammeInvited Professor at Universidad de León, Spain
ActivitiesProject foundations; International projection; Book on information concept; Colloquium BITae (discussion on UTI); DomusBITae Proposal

During the last three months of 2009, Prof. Hofkirchner, as visiting Fellow has been collaborating in person in BITrum activities, planning and projection. His research stay has also been devoted to his new book about the Concept of Information, to be published by  World Scientific Publishing during 2010. With his help, relationships have been narrowed with other international commnunities and scientific, giving rise to the initiative DomusBITae (international virtual community of informational studies). Moreover, the Colloquium BITae attended weekly meetings discussing Wolfgang's unifying approach to information and other questions concerning cooperative international initiatives. 

International Projection of BITrum

Effective links have been set up with scientific organizations and nets particularly relevant for informational studies, in which Wolfgang is involved, such as:  Science of Information Institute” (SoII), “Unified Theory of Information Research Group” (UTI), ICTs and Society Network” (ICT&S), “Bertalanffy Center for the Study of Systems Science", the journal “TripleC”; the discussion forum “Foundations of Information Science”, among other information-related scientific communities. Moreover, the first impact of the proposal Domus BITae has reached other institutions such as the Egean University (Greece), Mälardalen (Sweden) and others. Prof. Hofkirchner also supports the coming Beijing Conference on Information Science.

Debates on information concept: Colloquium BITae

In order to discuss Hofkirchner's first version of his book partially written during his research stay in León, the Colloquium BITae met for the first time. Discussions were lodged in Sierra Pambley House arround twenty fundamental questions posed by Prof. Hofkirchner and distributed in seven sessions. By means of those questions, basic conceptual problems concerning information were posed and stated. 

As a result of such debates, an interview with Prof. Hofkirchner is published in BITagora (with SOII).

Visitant's Brief Biography

, born in Vienna in 1953, is Dr.phil. in Political Science and Psychology by the University of Salzburg, Professor for Internet & Society at the ICT&S Center, Paris-Lodron-University of Salzburg since 2004, and Associate Professor for Technology Assessment at the Institute for Design and Technology Assessment, Vienna University of Technology since 2001. Specialised in Science-Technology-Society, he currently focus on Information Society Theory and Foundations of Information Science. He directs the Research Group in Unified Theory of Information (UTI) and is member to, and serving on the board of, numerous scientific societies, member of 3 editorial boards and editor of the open-access online journal TripleC and a book series. He has published 130 contributions in the field, including 18 monographs or edited volumes. <http://uti.at/hofkirchner.html>

Within BITrum Group he is head of the Unification team and member of Scientific Committee in System Theory and Information Society. He participates in Glossarium BITri as author and editor of several voices.