José María Díaz Nafría's Professorship at the Munich University of Applied Sciences

: 04/05/2011 - 24/01/2012
Programme: Fellowship Programme at the Hochschule München
Research in foundations of an interdisciplinary approach to information, 
Educational activities at the field of Philosophy of Information, Cooperation Agreement among universities of Munich, León and Vienna.

|   Related to the on-going research in the foundations of the interdisciplinary approach to information in the line developed among Rainer Zimmermann, Wolfgang Hofkirchner and J.M. Díaz Nafría, the latter enjoyed a professorial stay in the Munich University of Applied Sciences (Hochschule München-HM, Germany) during the summer semester of 2011 that will be continued in the following winter semester. The fellowship programme awarded by the Hochschule München (state of Baviera) included as well education in the field of philosophy of information integrated in the Faculty of General and Interdisciplinary Studies (FK13). (See HM Newsletter, October 2011, including a short version of a larger interview)

Research on foundations of an interdisciplinary approach to information

Based upon an evolutionary perspective, the investigation, started in this period, is aimed at searching proper foundations for an interdisciplinary approach to information from the most elementary organization of matter in the Universe to the understanding of self-awareness. To that end a ground is found in the theoretical physical approach of quantum gravity in the line developed by Rovelli and Smolin, which allows an understanding of a pre-geometrical origin of the universe and the emergence of meaning alongside with information and energy.

Recalling Capurro's trilemma, the investigated approach is neither reductionist nor projectivist, and also not disjuntivist. It offers instead a frame for the emergence of different levels and contexts of causality (or classicity) from the very emergence of space-time as we experience it till the cultural symbolic universes. Furthermore, in the regressive perspective, that is from our fenomenological experience to the reconstruction of the emergence of meaning and causality, the approach claims for a generalized hermeneutic.

A first development of the approach has been presented in the interdisciplinary workshop on Information "The Difference That Make a Difference (DTMD-2011)" held in Milton Keynes, UK, 7-9 September 2011 (s. publication in BITrum contributions blog: part 1, part 2). Moreover, a Manifesto -synthesising the elements of the approach- is currently being discussed among Rainer, Wolfgang and José María, who met in Munich in July and recently in the aforementioned Workshop.

Teaching in Philosophy of Information

The professorial stay also included teaching in the field of philosophy of information, integrated as part of the programme of the Faculty of Interdisciplinary Studies (FK13). Including also a course in regional Studies, José María teaches the following courses:

Cooperation agreement among universities of Munich, León and Vienna

A cooperation agreement on science and education was advanced among the Munich University of Applied Sciences (Hochschule München, HM, Germany), the University of León (ULE, Spain) and the Technical University of Vienna (Technische Universität Wien, TUW, Austria). The agreement, settled in connection to the on-going research and educational activities as well as to to the join participation in the domusBITae initiative (in which the Professor of the HM Begoña Prieto Peral was already part of the working group), was presented and approved by the HM during the professorial stay of José María. The terms of the agreement are open to programmes of student or teaching mobility, as well as cultural activities - as the envisaged exchange of university music-ensembles. 
By these means, we consider the possibilities to build a more stable academic ground in the interdisciplinary study of information is enriched, providing continuation at both the research and the educational level.


José María wish to express his profound gratitude to the warm and generous hospitality of Rainer and Begoña, the invaluable help of the international office of the HM (Nicole Kewitz, Heidi Steiner, Anja Boeck, Nina Kohr), the dean office of the Faculty 13 (Frau Kurz, Cristina Mattedi, Mahalia Wandelt-Peröti, Karin Aurbach) and the colleagues of the Faculty of general and interdisciplinary studies.