Francisco Salto's Professorship at the Universidad Federal de Santa Catarina, Brasil

Period: May/2011 – August/2011
Programme: Professorial Exchange Programme
Activities: Research in paraconsistency, Teaching

Versión española  |  Francisco Salto enjoyed a professorial exchange programme from  April to August at the Universidad Federal de Santa Catarina, Brazil, where he joined the Research Group on Logic and Theory of Science at the Department of Philosophy concerning joint research in the field of paraconsistency. The joint activities were particularly carried on together with Decio Krause and Newton da Costa, founder of the field. In his research work with the Brazilian investigators, Francisco had the chance to further significantly his previous work on numerical identity. Besides research, the programme was also complemented with teaching activities in which Francisco held a seminar on identity and participated in different conferences and meetings. 

The logical study of space-time by Da Costa begins with the axiomatization of classical, relativistic and quantum mechanics, and their logical and metamathematical study. Numerous interpretations of the quantum theories model quantum formalism under different extralogical assumptions and motivations.  Francisco found a serious hindrance to the objective of an interdisciplinary understanding of information as we aim.

Work is being carried out with Decio Krause and other collegues, in the search of further understanding of numerical identity.