Jose Maria Diaz at Austrian universities

PeriodOctober 2008
Programa: Invited professor at the University of
Sankt Pölten 
and the University of Salzburg
Activities: Interdisciplinary approximations
, Project Proposal
, First Meeting organisation

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| During October 2008, namely the preliminary period to the definition of BITrum's project, Prof. Díaz Nafría was invited to 
Sankt Pölten University of Applied Sciences
Salzburg University
. Other significant meetings were also held with Professor Fleissner at the Technichal University of Vienna and Jérôme Segal at the Interdisciplinary Centre for Comparative Research in Social Sciences (both in Vienna), who later on joined BITrum scientific committee. In Sank Pölten, the invited Professor organized and gave a seminar for undergraduate students in informatics presenting information as a multi-fated matter, under the title "What is really information? An interdisciplinary approach / Was ist eigentlich Information? Eine interdisziplinäre Annährung" (title later on used by TripleC to compile the English contributions to the 2008 Meeting held in León, Spain). (s. press release). 

In the Center for Advanced Studies and Research in Information and Communication Technologies & Society at Salzburg University under invitation of Prof. Hofkirchner, the colloquium “A critique of Shannon's information concept and potential alternatives to it" was held by the invited Professor with the participation of researchers and postgraduate students (s. press release). Issues regarding BITrum’s programme and strategy, the necessity to tighten bonds with other international actors for the furthering of information science were also tackled. Shortly after, both Prof. Hofkirchner and Christian Fuchs contributed to the Meeting held in November 2009 in León, joining BITrum group and making in it fundamental contributions. Fruit of the mentioned seminars, the invited professor authored "What is information? A multidimensional concern", TripleC, 2010.