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2010-10-28/29 | The International Conference on China's Information Ethics

posted 26 Jul 2010, 03:22 by Lola Fernández Santos   [ updated 9 Nov 2010, 00:23 ]

28-29, October, 2010 Beijing, China
28-29, October, 2010 Beijing, China
With the great help from Professor Capurro and other colleagues over the world, we are going to hold an international conference on China's Information Ethics during October 28-29, 2010.

A large scale conference on information conference in China, this event will bring together specialists and information and media practitioners from all over the world and provide a suitable arena in which local and global interactions can be made.

We welcome all who share the interest in information ethics. To make this conference a success we would appreciate if you could attend. Your participation to this conference will be the valuable support in the Chinese information ethics community building. Therefore, you are not only a participant, but also our guest.

We do look forward to hearing from you and meeting you in China

Best regards.

Dr Li Maosen
Member of the Conference Committee
Associate Professor and Chair in Ethics, School of Philosophy
Deputy Director, the China National Center for Ethical Studies