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2011-06-17 | Call for papers "The Difference that Makes a Difference 2011"

posted 12 May 2011, 02:33 by Lola Fernández Santos   [ updated 4 Jul 2011, 02:20 by José María Díaz Nafría ]
Location: The Open University, Milton Keynes, UK
Dates: 7th-9th September 2011

The development of information technologies has had a profound impact on
modern society, but although talk of information is routine and
unproblematic for engineers and technologists, it has been recognised
since the early days of digital technologies that there is an uneasy
relationship between the engineer's concept of 'information' and wider
uses of the word.

As we move further into the 'information age', we need to make the
bridge between information of the information technologist and
understanding of information in other disciplines. As researchers and
practitioners in diverse fields grapple with an understanding of
information -- what it is, how it can be modelled and tools for coping
with it -- now more than ever is the time to share insights and bring
some clarity and coherence to these differing perspectives.

With an emphasis on interdisciplinary conversation, we are keen to
involve as many different people, from as many different disciplines, as
possible in presenting and participating in the workshop.

Five respected keynote speakers have been confirmed:

* Vlatko Vedral (Oxford and Singapore),
* Wolfgang Hofkirchner (Vienna),
* Chris Bissell (Open University),
* Jonathan Silvertown (Open University)
* Tony Hirst (Open University);

with discussion continuing with three more

We now invite a wide range of participants to give short (10 minute)
presentations on their work as it relates to an understanding of
information. There are four main sessions, focused around:

* the philosophical underpinnings of information;
* the scientific understanding of information;
* information as it relates to business, library science, and education;
* the social impact of information.

Abstracts for the short presentations should be sent to
abstracts@dtmd2011.info <mailto:abstracts@dtmd2011.info> by *17 June
2011*. For more information please visit the workshop website:

Registration is free, but must be made through the website.