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2013-07-29 | XVI Joint International Scientific Events on Informatics

posted 12 Apr 2013, 03:04 by Lola Fernández Santos   [ updated 23 Sept 2013, 05:13 ]
ITA 2013
XVI-th Joint International Scientific Events on

Dedicated to XX-th anniversary of IJ ITA!
June 29 - July 11, 2013
Hotel "SIRIUS" and Hotel "CHAIKA"
in the resort “St. Constantine & St. Helena”, Varna, Bulgaria
October, 2013, Spain,

ITA 2013 is supported by:

The ITHEA International Journal
"Information Theories and Applications" (IJ ITA)
The ITHEA International Journal
"Information Technologies and Knowledge" (IJ ITK)
The ITHEA International Journal
"Information Models and Analises" (IJ IMA)
The ITHEA International Book Series
“Information Science and Computing” (IBS ISC)
The ITHEA International Digital Library with Scientific Index
“Information Research and Engineering” (IDL IRE