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2009-02-13 | Launching the «Glossary of Concepts, metaphors, theories and problems concerning information»

posted 13 Feb 2009, 08:15 by José María Díaz Nafría   [ updated 21 Mar 2010, 05:57 ]
Specifically designed to develop this Glossary, our new collaborative system is being launched today for the edition of the proposed articles according to the first distribution of voices and editors published in January. All BITrum members will have access to this system, while article editors will have –from the beginning- edition capability. This faculty will be granted afterwards to all those BITrum authors explicitly wishing to add their entries directly.
  1. Each item has its own page and editor, whose function is to collect, order and unify contributions or entries written by authors and BITrum members. Both the variety and richness of these contributed entries will determine the quality of our glossary. Partial, approximate or tentative entries are welcomed. A specific space for discussion has been afforded in each page.
  2. Articles and entries can be worked out either in Spanish or in English, as preferred. Once a stable version is reached, it should be translated into the other language.
  3. The system here developed is rather user friendly. However, a User’s manual has been written to help with the main questions on this system, namely, how to find articles?, how to add entries?, how to edit articles?, how to make new proposals? Theses guidelines also include the Methodology to develop the glossary. Both sets of guidelines are also available on line by the system’s navigation board. Please, review them before starting edition.

Deadlines and dates of interest

For a smooth development of entries, discussions and articles, authors are kindly requested to:
−   Send entries to items without waiting for a first version of the article.
−   Regularly access the items of interest to acquaint new contributions.
−   Make your own contributions according to the following schedule:

first entry (authors): 1 march

first version or article (editors): 15 June

This is also the deadline for the publication of selected articles with creative commons licence.

How to get into the Glossary system?

If you have never been registered within the system, you have to follow carefully the indications given in the invitation that every BITrum member will received. How ever, if you have already been registered in the system and have received an invitation to the Glossary, you can visit it by using the link underneath the BITrum rosette of any BITrum-page, or by pressing here.