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This space is dedicated to compile links, which are considered of interest for the “interdisciplinary elucidation of information concepts”, specially including those corresponding to institutions and research networks to which the BITrum group is engaged.
We encourage the rest of the members to propose other links which could be pertinent for the project, addressing their suggestions either by means of comments at the foot of the page, or directly mailing to any member of the editorial coordination or informatics board.
By noticing any malfunction or error in the description of the given links, please let us know and we shall endeavour to correct it as soon as possible.

Editorial Coordination Board

    Díaz Nafría, José María: jnafria@uax.es
    Salto Alemany, Francisco: francisco.salto@unileon.es
    Pérez-Montoro, Mario: perez-montoro@ub.edu
 Spanish site (containing the actualized list of links)