2. About Us

An account of who constitute BITrum group and how it is organised is here offered.

Origins and trajectories

A founding group, gathered on November 7, 2008 (with occassion of the First International Meeting of Experts in Information Theories) agreed a Memorandum (here available) to which further participants progressively adhered (the bottom of the page includes an actualised list). In order to increase the acting ability of the group in June 2010, it was constituted as independent non-profit association with scientific and educative purposes, under the Spanish law of associations (see statutes). In subsequent assemblies, convened within the frame of academic events organised with the purpose of developing BITrum objectives, the interested parts have been progressively integrated.

Participation in BITrum Group

Since the group is defined as fundamentally open, whoever wish to incorporate may do it by addressing a membership application to the project coordination board.
The types of membership may be in any of the following figures:
Observer: those being informed about the activity and project results;
Collaborators: those who take punctual part in any of the project activities;
Participants: those who keep the agreements gathered in the memorandum;
For the management of the interdisciplinary work (s. Memorandum) some members act as:
Scientific Committee: members with advisory and reviewing functions on the work developed in knowledge areas, in which they are competent;
Management: members assuming group dynamisation roles and/or administrative ones (concerning site curation, edition, technical assistance, etc); 

Management teams


General coordination:

José María Díaz Nafría

Franscisco Salto Alemany




Congresses and International Relations:

Strategy & Funding:


Teresa Guarda

María Fernanda Augusto

Editorial team



Francisco Salto Alemany 
José María Díaz Nafría 
Mario Pérez-Montoro


Rosa Macarro (Spanish, English)

Mercedes Osorio  (English)

Basil Moham. Al-Hadithi (Engl.)

Details about the:

Scientific Committee


Aguado Terrón, Juan M.


Al-Hadithi, Basil Moham.

Fuzzy System Theory

Álvarez Bautista, Juan R.

Brier, Søren

Science Philosophy, Ph. of Biology

Semiotics, Cybersemiotics

Buchanan, Elisabeth

Burgin, Mark

Capurro, Rafael

Information Policy
Mathematical theories of information and knowledge

Information Ethics

Dodig-Crnkovic, Gordana

Ezquerro, Jesús

Info-computationalism, physics of information

Cognitive Science

Fleissner, Peter

Political Economy, Mathematical Modelling

Floridi, Luciano

Gurevich, Igor

Philosophy of Information

Theoretical & physical informatics, classical and quantum computing

Gutiérrez, Salvador


Hofkirchner, Wolfgang

System Theory, Information Society

Lara, Juan

Biology, genetics

Mastromatteo, Estala

Moreiro, José Antonio

Library science-Latin America 

Library & Documentation Science

Ortiz, Tomás

Pérez-Montoro, Mario


Information- Architecture and Management

Petitjean, Michel

Sagüillo, José Miguel

Chemical information


Segal, Jèrôme

Zimmermann, Rainer

History of Science

Philosophy of complex systems

José María Díaz Nafría,
29 Nov 2008, 09:00