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The 5th International Conference on the Foundations of Information Science will be held in Moscow under ISIS support

posted 12 Sept 2012, 10:51 by José María Díaz Nafría   [ updated 11 May 2013, 15:57 ]
As informed on the occasion of FIS2010 in Beijin (see report in BITrum-news September 2010), the recently founded International Society for Information Science (ISIS) shall held periodically international gatherings following the series of FIS conferences (Madrid 1994, Vienna 1996, Paris 2005, Beijin 2010). The first of these conferences -under the umbrella of ISIS- shall be held in 2013 in Moscow, Russia with the following program:


The first day of the Conference (May 21):

The first plenary session (10.00 -14.00)
10.00-10.30 - Opening of the Conference
10.30 - 14.00 - Plenary Session 1:
Modern Educational Revolution: information aspects. (I. Ilinsky, Russia).
The study of Information and global processes: interdisciplinary approaches (A. Ursul, Russia)
Information bases of ability to live (K. Sudakov, Russia).
History and prospects of international cooperation in studying the fundamentals of Information Science. (W. Hofkirchner, Austria and P. Marijuán, Spain).

15.00-18.00 - Plenary Session 2:
The General Theory of Information and Intelligence. (Yi-Xin Zhong, China).
Information Thinking and System Thinking: a comparison. (J. E. Brenner, France; Kun Wu, China).
Consciousness and a Brain: the information approach to a problem. (D. Dubrovsky, Russia).
Theoretical Framework for Applied Knowledge Creation Modeling (I. Zatsman, Russia).

The second day of the Conference (May 22):
10.00-13.00 - Plenary Session 3:
Structure of Reality and Philosophy of Information (K. Kolin, Russia).
Same perspective problems of Information Science (W. Hofkirchner, Austria).
Information Approach in the researches of Biological Systems (P. Marijuán, Spain).
Water as an information system (S. Zenin, Russia).

15.00-18.00 - Plenary Session 4:
Social Information Science in China: a modern condition and development prospects. (Kang Ouyang, China).
Global developments of Information Society and Russia. (T. Ershova, Y. Hohlov, S. Shaposhnik, Russia).
Information Culture in Information Society (N. Gendina, Russia).
System memory as the substrate of Information (S. Grinchenko, Russia).

The third day of the Conference (May 23):
10.00-13.00 - Plenary Session 5:
The quality of higher education: the informational aspects (Sigov A., Nechaev V., Russia)
Information aspects of smart education (V. Tikhomirov, Russia).
Information Education in Russia (Beshenkov S., Rakitina E., Mirzaeva E., Russia)
Information in the animate and inanimate Nature: scientific and methodological problems of science and education (R. Sejful-Muljukov, Russia).

13.00-14.00 - the General discussion and performances of participants of Conference

15.00-18.00 -
Conference Summarizing:
Performances of Heads of Thematic Sections of Conference and the Round Table about the basic results of their work.
Discussion and acceptance of the Total Resolution of Conference.

The fourth day of the Conference (May 24):

Round table and Closing Ceremony (10.00 – 13.00):
International Project about smart education. Moderators: E. Buchanan (USA), A. Kovaleva (Russia), Nechaev V. (Russia), K. Sarikakis (Austria ):
Information approach in Education.
International and Russian experience to generate a new information culter in the education.
Scientific and educational centers for study problems of Information.

Closing Cermony (13.00- 14.00)
Moderators: N. Zakharov, R. Jahn, T. Ershova.