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Information and System as a clue for scientific unification: International Workshop on Information and Systems, Munich, January 18th 2012

posted 25 Jan 2012, 08:07 by José María Díaz Nafría   [ updated 7 Feb 2012, 13:52 ]
International Workshop on Information and Systems | Munich, January 18, 2012
As this year’s conferences in Vienna (the Bertalanffy conference -see announcement at BCSSS site- in the Weingut Reisenberger on 10th November 2011 and the von-Foerster conference at the University of Vienna from 11th through 13th November 2011) have clearly shown, the increasing convergence of research on information as well as on systems is tending to dominate recent insight into fundamental fields in physics, biology, computer science, ranging up to applications in sociology. Indeed a path crossing through a generalised understanding of both information and systems might be a clue for a proper interdisciplinarity or even scientific unification as intended in the last works developed by our colleagues R. Zimmermann and J.M. Díaz (see contributions at DTMD2011: Part 1Part 2). In order to delve into this perspective, a workshop was celebrated on January 18th 2012 in the campus of the Hochschule München under support of this institution together with the Institut für Design Science, comprising 4 contributions and discussions on the presented topics: Unification programmes in the sciences (R. Zimmermann), Cybernetic and biosemiotic viewpoints (Y. Denizhan from Boğaziçi University, Istanbul), Complexity models as interdisciplinarity axis (H. Knyazeva from the Russian Academy of Sciences, Moscow) and the combination of the generalised concepts of information and system as unification programme (J.M. Díaz).