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BITrum co-organise a Meeting on Social Networks and its possibilities of creating change

posted 12 Sept 2012, 14:25 by José María Díaz Nafría   [ updated 12 Jul 2013, 04:41 ]
The meeting, hosted within the offer of the summer courses of the University of León, relies on the outstanding collaboration of the Munich University of Applied Sciences, the Contemporary Art Museum of Castilla y León (MUSAC), which constitutes the meeting point, BITrum-Research Group and the European Project MyUniversity. This gathering offers the occasion of holding the BITrum general assembly of 2012. The summer course, reckoning on the contribution of distinguished international scientist in the addressed topics (see programme), constitutes a milestone in the collaboration between the two universities which relation has been mediated by BITrum since 2010 through domusBITae initiative, which programmatic horizon will be discussed in the general assembly. 

In the organisation of related activities, the following parts make significant contributions: the International Review of Information Ethics (IRIE), directed by our colleague Rafael Capurro, and Le Monde Diplomatique regarding publication of texts,; and the European project myUniversity regarding parallel activities of electronic participation, which capacity for bringing about social, political and economic changes within the horizon of the information society will be discussed during the Meeting. Access to the Meeting website (in Spanish)

Summer Course
Under the motto “Social Networks: from indignation to change (ethical, political and aesthetical aspects)”, we will discuss on the possibilities of creating real changes generally but also in the current context of socio-economic and political crisis, which since 2011 have given rise to the indignant movements throughout the continents. From those movements there is a perception that the socio-economic model based on the market capitalism is wound up with respect to the promises of creating the conditions of decent lives, not for the survival of the system in itself with its inherent relations of inequality.  (… continue reading in the website of the course, hosted within BITrum pages, and providing access to the programme, documentation, etc.)

General Assembly of BITrum Research Group
Reckoning on the presence of a number of members, the association “BITrum – Research Group for the Interdisciplinary Study of Information”, constituted under Spanish law in 2010 (see announcement of June 2010; statutes within the members archive) will hold a General Assembly on the next September 22th, the first to be openly convened to all who since 2008 have manifested the interest of participating in the objectives of BITum, which statutory purposes reflects the original agreement of November 7th, 2008.

Since the constitution of the association, only the Board of Directors are formally integrating it, which has been both sufficient and effective in order to take the first steps for its constitution. Nevertheless, as to this measure was adopted as a transitory solution, it was pending the incorporation of all those willing to be regular members.  This is the main objective of the General Assembly and for which a general invitation is hereby raised to whoever is willing to formalise her/his membership, but also the rest of the statutory requirements will be tackled (see Call for General Assembly).