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Call for BITrum's General Assembly on Friday, September 28st, 2018

posted 18 Sept 2018, 15:57 by José María DÍAZ NAFRÍA   [ updated 27 Sept 2018, 13:55 ]
Since the past general assembly of the association held in 2015 on the occasion of the Scientific Summit of the International Society for Information Studies (IS4IS) that took part in Vienna, the organisation has treated its main executive issues through board assemblies. In order to make decisions about matters that require the attention of the association as a whole,
a general assembly is convened next Friday 28th of September  at 11:00 am in first call (11:30 in second call) in the Library of the Faculty of Philosophy and Letters of the University of León (Spain) and by telematic means through Hangout and Skype following the notification that will be sent to the members.


1) Activity report 2015-2018
2) Forecast of the scenario 2018-2019
3) 2015-2018 Acounting
4) Fees
5) Budget 2019
6) Activity forecast 2018-2019
7) Election of coordination posts
8) Question time