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BITrum - Autumn Updates

posted 21 Oct 2011, 10:27 by José María Díaz Nafría   [ updated 24 Oct 2011, 08:50 ]

Versión española - After a silent summer in which several activities have been carried out –as can be seen in the portal–, we come back again to recall –at the beginning of the academic year- the most relevant activities developed along the last months.

Research Stays and other activities

During the summer semester, Francisco Salto and José María Díaz enjoyed research stays at the “Universidade Federal de Santa Catarina (UFSC)”, Brasil, and at the “Munich University of Applied Sciences (HM)”, Germany, respectively, which partially justifies the summer silence. In both cases their research activities had significant effect on their particular approaches to the objective of finding a proper foundation to the interdisciplinary study of information. See report of the stay of Francisco at UFSC and of the stay of José María at HM.

A number of events, relevant to the development of BITrum project, mark out as well the activity of BITrum in 2011 as announced in "Events involving BITrum participation in 2011"

Proposals to European Research Programmes

As previously announced, several proposals were submitted to different European Research Programmes concerning, on the one hand, the domusBITae initiative, at both the scientific (Capacities FP7 Programme) and educational fields (Alfa 3), on the other hand, the interdisciplinary approach to information (COST Programme).

Regarding the domusBITae initiative, substantive steps were given into some programmes of European funding: (i) support by the Spanish Ministry of Science, (ii) constitution of a consortium supported by the Supercomputing Center of Castilla y León, (iii) early submission at the e-Infrastructures-Capacities programme of the 7FM as e-Science environment, (iv) pre-proposal at the Alfa-III programme of cooperation with Latin American Higher Education Institutions related to cross-disciplinary education, which -despite not being selected- serves as preparation for (v) an envisaged participation at the Lifelong Learning Programme of the EC due for February 2012, (vi) furthering of a cooperation agreement among the Munich University of Applied Sciences, the University of León and the Technical University of Vienna to support the on-going research and academic activities (s. announcement in stylusBITae)

Regarding the COST proposal, though we changed the design of the project with respect to previous editions in order to fit it better to programme objectives, we confirmed again the difficulties to obtain a high global evaluation for interdisciplinary proposals under the ERA evaluation system. Indeed, although we have obtained in our proposal since 2009 optimal evaluations accompanied by reviewer-comments of the kind: “A very deep and general question is exposed in this excellent proposal, there is hope for a breakthrough” (assessment received on past may), these positive assessments have been in all cases counterbalanced by the specialist point of view of no-relevant-outcome-in-the-field-is-expected. Such specialist evaluation makes –regarding our experience– difficult to obtain a sufficiently high global score if a broad interdisciplinarity is really addressed.

We sincerely thank the participation and collaboration of all involved parties in the mentioned proposals.

Acknowledgement of the work by colleagues

We wish to congratulate:

Welcome to a new member

We wish to give our warmest welcome into our Scientific Committee to: Francesca Vidal from the University of Koblenz-Landau (Germany), expert in rhetoric and cultural studies who recently published a thoughtful work concerning the rhetoric of virtual spaces (“Rhetorik der Virtuallen”, Talheimer, 2010). She took part in the Meeting organized by our colleague Rainer Zimmermann “Discourse of topology: language and space in the urban system” in Berlin, March 2011 (see announcement of BITrum events). She has since supported the investigation regarding the foundation of the interdisciplinary approach to information developed by Rainer and José María (s. research stay at the HM), and shall contribute to the Glossarium BITri concerning issues related to rhetoric. 

Season greetings

Finally we wish you all a cheerful academic year!