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BITrum: Past and Future Rhumbs

posted 13 Oct 2012, 02:38 by José María Díaz Nafría   [ updated 13 Oct 2012, 02:41 ]
As indicated in the announcement of the General Assembly, convened on past September 22th, its main purpose was the formal inscription in the association, legally constituted in June 2010, of all those who since November 2008 had manifested their interest of participating in BITrum. According to the received communications, among which no dropping out was manifested, the assembly consequently decided the incorporation of the 71 members declared in the public and private listing of BITrum members (see About UsPrivate Archive). Additionally, the following was discussed and approved by the General Assembly: the activity report, the accounts balance, future activity forecasting, the establishment of an annual fee of 10€ and the modification of the statutes regarding the explicit validity of telematic participation in assemblies. Finally, the publication of the past and future activity report was agreed and herewith accomplished.

Summary of Activity since the Constitution of the Association

Since the formation of the Association in June 2010, we highlight the following activities:

  • Collaboration with the 3th ICT&Society Network Meeting, in Barcelona (June-July 2010) 
  • Co-organization of the FIS-2010 Conference (4th International Conference on the Foundations of Information Science) in Peking (August 2010) 
  • Design, elaboration and printing of the first book Edition of the GlossariumBITri (financed by Caja España, September-November 2010) 
  • Constitution of an international Consortium of 15 members for the development of domusBITae initiative; elaboration and submission of a first domusBITae proposal to the e-Infrastructures Programme of the 7FP (October-November 2010); 
  • Participation in several conferences presenting results and initiatives promoted by BITrum: ICT&Society (Barcelona), FIS2010 (Beijing), SEFA 2010 (Tenerife), Ibersid (Zaragoza), Diskurs der Topologie (2011, Berlin), DTMD-2011 (Milton Keynes, UK), International Workshop on Information and Systems (2012, Munich), EMCSR-2012 (Wien); 
  • Support granted the Spanish Ministry for Science and Innovation (MICINN) for a preliminary development of the domusBITae initiative by the University of León (2011, presented before the constitution of BITrum as Association) 
  • Ellaboration of proposals to the international EU funded programs ALFA-3 and COST (spring 2011) 
  • Teaching and Research stay at the Hochschule München aiming at establishing a scientific cooperation related to BITrum initiatives (particularly domusBITae) 
  • Collaboration in the setting up of the International Society for Information Studies (ISIS) in July 2011. Development of their information System based in a platform projected within the domusBITae initiative. The project was developed in collaboration with the Univesity of the Aegean in Syros. 
  • First general assembly of BITrum in Autum 2011, in which the state of the Association was discussed, all activities developed or designed were accounted for and the statement of account was audited. Activity provision for the incoming year including the incorporation of new members for the following Assembly in 2012 was accepted. 
  • Concerning glossariumBITri, the following activities have been carried over: 
— Preliminary work for an english version of glossariumBITri, incorporating recent articles on algorithmic information theory and complexity –with Mark Burgin–, cybersemiotics –with Soren Brier–, info-computationalism –with Gordana Dodig Crnkovic–, physical aspects of information –with Igor Gurevich.
— A significative number of new proposals has been recollected for future editions of the glossary. 
— Along the period the visibility of the glossariumBITri has constantly grown, reaching currently over 4000 monthly visits (mainly from Iberoamerica) 
  • Moreover, the following relevant collaborations took place: 
— book edited by R. Capurro (2011): Messages and Messangers;
— collaboration with the Institut für Designe Science of Munich since 2011; 
— with the Science of Information Institute, developing a web system in collaboration with the University of Aegean at Syros (as a preliminary development of the domusBITae infrastructure); 
— with the course “Information, Freedom and Citizenship facing new communication formulae of the XXI Century” (León, March 2012); 
— International Meeting on “Social networks: from indignation to change” (Summer Course at the Universidad de León) organized by BITrum.

Activity Prevision for the next Period

Among the activities to be developed during the coming year, the following are worth mentioning:

(1) Applying to the program Life Long Learning Programme of the EU with a proposal along the lines of the domusBITae initiative though extended to methodologies of interdisciplinary research. This project should be coherent with multilateral university education and previous projects of BITrum. To this end, BITrum calls for the collaboration of the University of León, the Bertalanffy Center and the Institute für Design Science.

(2) In case an adecuate call appears for domusBITae proposal as (already prepared in oct-nov 2010 in the e-Infraestructures subprogram of FP7), a new adapted version of the proposal will apply.

(3) The new English version of glossariumBITri will be finished, followed by the translation to Spanish of all new English articles, thus enabling the publication of a new Spanish version of the glossary.

(4) A call for article proposals will be published in short, and new articles shall be opened according to the decisions of the editorial board.

(5) Within the collaborative frame between the University of León and the Hochschule München, it will continue and deepen all actions initiated in 2012 in the field of interdisciplinary research methodologies (including for example a second edition of the international meeting on social nets; occasion that may be used again for a new general assembly of BITrum).