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BITrum signs a cooperation agreement with the universities of León and Santa Elena for the development of the glossariumBITri journal

posted 27 Jun 2015, 21:06 by GRUPO DE INVESTIGACIÓN BITRUM - FACULTAD DE EDUCACIÓN   [ updated 8 Jun 2017, 11:25 by José María DÍAZ NAFRÍA ]
Within the cooperation framework regulated by bilateral agreements with the universities of Santa Elena and León, a trilateral specific agreement has been recently signed aiming at the development and management of the scientific journal glossariumBITri (gB) that will be articulated with the interative-gB (online) and the other publication, discussion and dissemination means of BITrum’s environment. The editorial and scientific team provides an excellent basis for the development of this project and its specific interdisciplinary approach. The nature of the publication, its inherent relational components and the impact already achieved by the interactive-gB are supposed to constitute an excellent basis for quickly achieving a relevant impact.

The journal will include peer-reviewed contributions divided in the following sections:
1) original research, linked to the interactive-gB and its discussion;
2) specific reviews, be them systematic (about topics related to the study of information) or interdisciplinary (facilitating the access to the results of a discipline from others) of high impact works (books or articles) from third authors;
3) free mirrors, namely reviewed versions of high impact articles which introduce enough variations so that they can be considered as new.
4) novel research (pre-doctoral works, thesis chapters, etc);
5) Reviews of book or articles of relevant thematic interest.

Additionally it will host non-peer-reviewed contributions classified in the following categories: calls and news; interviews to outstanding researches; reports of international gatherings; comments to scientific contributions; open questions and bibliographical catalogue of shared texts.