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Events involving BITrum participation in 2011

posted 21 Oct 2011, 10:25 by José María Díaz Nafría   [ updated 7 Feb 2012, 13:58 ]
Versión española  |  Along the last Months, several scientific and cooperation events with relevant repercussion in the development of BITrum objectives took place:

Discourse of topology, Berlin, March

In March, the meeting organized by Rainer Zimmermann in Berlin (Discourse of topology: language and space in urban systems) brought to the fore some core questions of philosophy of information regarding, on the one hand, the very foundations of meaning, on the other hand, rhetorical, ethical and sociological aspects of the virtual spaces and of the information society.

Constitution of the International Society for Information Studies

In July the International Society for Information Studies (ISIS) was officially constituted under Austrian law and conformed by an executive committee as accorded at the FIS2010 conference held in Beijin and is composed by several BITrum members. In order to support –among other envisaged activities- the organization of the next FIS conferences, ISIS is currently running through an organizational phase.

Launching of the nonprofit venture cybaDREAM, July

In July the Fink Capurro Foundation together with the e-Vision Foundation launched the nonprofit venture cybaDREAM (Can You Buy a(n African) DREAM?) aimed at bridging the digital divide by means of providing access and digital literacy in schools to get connected to the net. The cybaDREAM venture brings into life an idea proposed in 2007 at the 1st African Information Ethics Conference 2007 in Tshwane, South-Africa. Through the development of a financial plan for 3 years, the process of connecting more schools and students after such period shall be made self sustainable. (For more information visit its site:

The difference that makes a difference, UK, September

In September, the interdisciplinary workshop in information science and technology The difference that makes a difference (DTMD-2011), held in the Campus of the Open University at Milton Keynes, UK, brought again together Wolfgang Hofkirchner, who opened the Meeting, Rainer Zimmermann and José María Díaz, who both presented a double paper presenting their investigation (s. contributions blog). The importance of developing a proper interdisciplinary approach was discussed and indeed exhibited by the misunderstanding arisen at the discussions. See Programme & Proceedings.

Launching myUniversity platforms, October

In September, myUniversity project -supported by the EC- launched its platforms of e-Participation in the decision making of Higher Education Institutions involving a number of European Universities. What politics, what democracy spaces can be really developed at the information age? How the information society can actually participate at the decision making level? These questions of indubitable interest to the objectives of BITrum can be essayed in the laboratory of the platforms developed within this project. For this reason, BITrum will track on the activity of this project in which University of León (ULE) takes part. See ULE-myUniversity platform.