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General Assembly of BITrum-Research Group for the Interdisciplinary Study of Information”: September 22th, 2012

posted 12 Sept 2012, 16:25 by José María Díaz Nafría   [ updated 7 Oct 2012, 01:22 ]
With the occasion of the International Meeting on Social Networks (León, September 21-23th) co-organised by BITrum, the association, formally constituted under Spanish law (see announcement of June 2012; Statutes within members’ archive), will hold the General Assembly of 2012, the first to be openly convened to all who since 2008 have manifested the interest of contributing to BITum, which statutory purposes reflect the original agreement of November 7th, 2008.

Call for General Assembly
Since the legal constitution of the society, only the members of the Board of Directors appear as legal members, which has been both sufficient and effective in order to take the first steps for its constitution. Nevertheless, as to this measure was adopted as a transitory solution, it was pending the incorporation of all those willing to be regular members. This is the main objective of the General Assembly, but also the rest of the statutory requirements will be tackled. To this end the following Call is proposed:

Venue: Real Colegiata de San Isidoro de León
Date and time: Saturday, September 22th 2012
  1. Report of the actions developed so far
  2. Assessment of accounts
  3. Incorporation of new members (according to the confirmations received)
  4. Proposal and election of the Board of Directors (hereby composed by Leticia Barrionuevo as Secretary, Francisco Salto as Vice-president and  José María Díaz as President)
  5. Forecasting of future activity
  6. Deciding on the adoption of a member fee (in order to cover at least the bank commissions)
  7. Modification of some points of the statutes (as to explicitly admit telepresence as assembly participation)

Invitation to the community of BITrum members
As it has been signalised since the association was constituted, whoever has manifested her/his interest of contributing to BITum since 2008 is now cordially invited to formalise the membership of the “BITrum – Research Group for the Interdisciplinary Study of Information”. To this end, we BEG you for sending us a CONFIRMATION of acceptance in order to consider you within point 3 of the agenda. We also encourage the proposal of candidacy or any other proposal, considered of interest.  It is enough sending us an email either to Leticia Barrionuevo (secretary) or to José María Díaz indicating your membership confirmation (and eventual candidacy or suggestions).