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2009/09/10-Last weeks for contributing to the first Glossary version

posted 12 Sept 2009, 03:36 by   [ updated 22 Jul 2010, 16:06 by José María Díaz Nafría ]
Even during summer silence, the glossary has kept on receiving interesting contributions. We remind you that according to the call for article entries published in July, there are still 20 days left to make new entries for the Glossary first version.
As we previously informed, for the public edition of a first Glossary version:
  • Collaborators working in entries should finish their contribution around September the 30th.
  • Editors responsible for voices should submit final bilingual versions by October the 30th (non native Spanish speakers will be properly helped).

In order to ease the visibility of last changes and thus participation, the glossary main page includes a new events board offering links to the modified articles. Periodically, the newest developments of the Glossary are reviewed, grouping edited articles, last entries, etc. in a summary of changes. The upper board line contains the last changes digest, while following lines record the glossary event log. Including the last update, the content of the new events board is here reproduced, where main changes since February are highlighted:


10/09.   Edited articles: Intentional content; New entries: Information measurement (2); New document: Unified Theory of Information
20/08.   Se ha editado:  Open Access, Register, Repository; Nueva entrada: Paradox
30/07.   Instructions have been updated, marks signalling activity have been introduced, and a management archive have been created.

18/07.   Edited articlesThesaurus, Folksonomy, Semantic Web

30/06.   Edited articles: Documental Content Analysis, Library Science, Document, Image

31/05.   New documents added to: informationism, intentional content

30/04.   Edited articles: Fotoblogs and teenagers; New entry: Message; Coments to: Fotoblogs

31/03.   Edited articles: Endogenous information, sender-source, new entries: correlation, information report, representation, truth value; new document: information reports


We believe a deeper understanding of the concerning concepts, metaphors, theories and problems can be reached through the discussion, comment, critic, suggestion… Therefore we kindly encourage to contribute with comments, documents, links, new entries to any article (complementary or even in contradiction to former ones), thus collaborating in the building of the glossary.


Best regards,


BITrum Glossary Coordination Team