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2010/06/25-Welcome to new BITrum members and Science Advisory seats

posted 25 Jun 2010, 03:58 by José María Díaz Nafría   [ updated 22 Oct 2011, 07:53 ]
Waiting for the collection of short biographies of new members, we had not announced their incorporation into BITrum group. They have been added into the group since the last announcement in June 2009, though their data has been incorporated into members’ list and contact information (in the private area). We hereby warmly welcome these new members and Science Advisor appointments within BITrum group, whose biographies are here collected. 

We are sure their expertise in the fields of sociology, philosophy, ICTs, information management and architecture, library science and knowledge organization will enrich significantly BITrum project.

New BITrum Members

Octavio UÑA, 
Paticipant | Field: Sociology

(M.Sc. in Philosophy and literature, M.Sc. in Psycology, M.Sc. in Political and sociological sciences by Universidad Complutense de Madrid; M.Sc. in Pilosophy and human sciences, M.Sc. in Theology by the University of Comillas; PhD. in  Political and sociological sciences) is professor of Sociology at the Universidad Rey Juan Carlos, Spain, dept. of social sciences. His research lines are mainly focused on sociology of knowledge and communication, sociology of culture, literature and art and sociological theory. He has authored over 27 scientific works and numerous publications in journals of scientific impact. His last publishes work is “Nuevos ensayos de sociología y comunicación” (New essays of sociology and communication, Universitas, 2010). He has participated in more than 25 research projects, leading 15. Currently he is in charge of the Turismo de Madrid Chair (Universidad Rey Juan Carlos), and is President of the Institute of Science and Society, and the Association of Sociology of Castilla-La Mancha.

Paticipant | Field: Sociology

(PhD. Sociology, 2004) is associate professor at the Universidad Rey Juan Carlos, Spain, department of social sciences (sociology). Her research mainly focuses on sociology of communication, information society, gender sociology. She has collaborated in numerous articles on information society, communication sociology, educative techniques and methodology (b-learning, e-learning), gender sociology and feminist theory. She has taken part in more than 15 multidisciplinary and competitive research projects.

Paticipant | Field: Sociology

(PhD in Sociology, studying in several German, Austrian and British Universities) is professor of sociology and environment at the Universidad Rey Juan Carlos, and researcher at the Turismo de Madrid Chair. Recently he has published and approximation to Ernst Troeltsch (2009) and has collaborate in numerous articles on sociological theory, communication, natural environment and society, immigration and educative techniques, as well as in several European research projects on education and culture within the Socrates/Leonardo and Comenius Programmes.

Paticipant | Field: History of science

(PhD. in Philosophy) is professor of history of science since 1999 at the Universidad Rey Juan Carlos, Spain. His scientific interests are focused on the study of culture of innovation, the relation between practical- and theoretical knowledge and history  of computation. On this last topic he has recently published with Leonor González the work: “La quimera del autómata matemático.
Del calculador medieval a la máquina analítica de Babbage” (The chimera of the mathematical automaton. From the medieval calculator to Babbage’s analytical machine edit. Cátedra).

Paticipant | Field: philosophy, logic

(PhD. in Philosophy by the Universidad de la Laguna; MA. University College London) was postdoctoral researcher granted by the Ministry of Science-Fulbright at Brown University (2006-2007) and currently she is Juan de la Cierva-Investigator at the Institute of Logic, Cognition, Language and Information (ILCLI, Basque Country University). Her scientific interests focuses on philosophy- of logic, of mathematics, and philosophy of language.

Paticipant | Field: ICTs

(Master in Industrial Engineering from the University of Valladolid and MBA from Instituto de Empresas, IE) is responsible of international projects at the Spanish National Institute for Communication Technologies (INTECO). Usually, studying market and user needs, and developing ICT projects from the conceptual phase until commercial success. Collaborating with academic, private organizations, and industry associations finding new opportunities for innovation. With international experience 10 + years in Telecommunication, Information Systems, and Media companies, and having launched several ICT start ups. Currently at his position in INTECO, he is applying his entrepreneurial experience to the public sector, developing the Information Society and ICT competitiveness.

New appointments to the Scientific Board

José Antonio MOREIRO
Field: Library and Information Science, knowledge organization

Dr. Moreiro received his PhD. in History from the National University of Distance Education, Spain. He is currently Professor at the Department of Library and Information Science of Carlos III University of Madrid, where he is chair of the Information Engineering Group, which conducts research on knowledge organization systems. He teaches courses on Knowledge Organization Systems and Indexing Techniques. He is the author of 8 monographs and co-author of another 12. In addition, he has around 64 articles in international and national magazines. Jose Antonio has participated in two European projects and directed or collaborated in 8 national projects. He was a member of 12 publication committees. He has close connections with Latin American universities. Jose Antonio taught courses and organized seminaries in 28 European and Latin American universities, as well as in 20 professional institutions. He was a scientific advisor for 20 doctoral dissertations in the domain of Library and Information Science.

Field: Information- management and architecture

Doctor in Philosophy and Education Sciences by the University of Barcelona, where he has been researcher at the Departamento de Lógica, Historia y Filosofía de la Ciencia. He studied in the Istituto di Discipline della Comunicazione in the  Università di Bologna and was Visiting Scholar at the Center for the Study of Language and Information (CSLI) at Stanford University. He has been docent and researcher in several universities: Complutense de Madrid, Autònoma de Barcelona, Oberta de Catalunya and he is currently at the Departamento de Ciencias de la Información at the University of Barcelona. One of his most known works is the book: The Phenomenon of Information (Scarecrow Press, 2007, published in Spanish by Trotta).

Field: Latin-American librarianship 

  (Montevideo, Uruguay, 1961; Master in Communication and Information for Development; and Bachelor in Library Science by the Central University of Venezuela) is Professor and Coordinator for Academic Internships at the School of Librarianship and Archives, Central University of Venezuela since 1997. She is also a consultant in academic libraries and a member in several research groups. Her research interests are on the areas of curriculum for information studies, library and information science epistemology and information ethics in Latin America.