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2010/02/15-Launch of BITagora as an arena for a new Science of Information

posted 15 Feb 2010, 03:22 by José María Díaz Nafría   [ updated 4 Jul 2011, 01:52 ]
Fruit of a collaboration between the Science of Information Institute (SoII) and BITrum, BITagora has been launched in this week with the purpose of becoming an arena of discussion on information concerns, furthering of the Science of Information and public stage of the SoII and BITrum.

The contents planned to be housed in BITagora (where the words BIT -standing for Information- and agora -the classic Greek place for congregation- are brought together) are:
  • Interviews with relevant scientist within the field of information
  • Books reviews concerning Science of Information
  • Meeting reports on Information Studies
  • Themes of relevance for the Science of Information 
For launching purpose, an interview to Wolfgang Hofkirchner is included in the frontpage, besides some information about SoII, BITagora objectives, links to BITrum, etc. This interview should be the first of a series of interviews to relevant information scientists planned to review the different approaches to an interdisciplinary research framework on information concerns.

The image here shown -based in a painting of Juan Ganovés- has been created as blog's logo, through which BITagora is identify in Wordpress.

BITrum members and interested information scientists are very kindly invited to contribute and participate to this arena aimed at fostering an international support to the Science of Information. Please contact coordinators for any proposal.