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2009/07/10-A BITrum contributions blog is launched

posted 10 Jul 2009, 12:30 by José María Díaz Nafría   [ updated 22 Jul 2010, 16:04 ]
In fidelity to the objective of making visible the results of our research within the BITrum Project frame, a contributions blog has been created, gathering the abstracts of the main publications (starting with the contents of the Meeting held in León, 2008). The list of contributions is flanked by a concept cloud highlighting the appearance of keywords within the texts.

Planned as a tool to disseminate results of our elucidation as well as to open a participatory and discussion frame, a new blog has been created, also aiming at the conceptual representation of concepts concerning our investigation. The blog of contributions may be understood as a platform in which the main inputs to BITrum are highlighted, which can be of the following types:
  1. Published articles in the Meetings celebrated within the project (as the one taking place in León, 2008)
  2. Works presented in journals or congresses, as in the case of the TripleC special Issue of 2009.
  3. Relevant contributions to the glossary, which is pursued as an axis of the interdisciplinary work, in which: i) the parties get access to the multiple focuses gathered in the project; and ii) the fruits of the interdisciplinary investigation are collected.
The BITrum cloud -flanking the contributions- is a first approximation to conceptual maps (one of the topics argued in the project constitution meeting as a tool of relevant elucidatory interest). In this cloud, concepts –before being organised relationally– float independently with a size proportional to the frequency of occurrence  (only keywords highlighted by authors are considered)

We hope this blog becomes a place where a dialogue and a fruitful critic spreads by means of the comments done to contributions. The effective nourishment of both the investigation of authors and the elucidation of the information concept as a whole is an objective of the BITrum project. We cordially encourage members to make comments and to post any entry they consider of interest (by addressing to coordination board).

The blog is actually duplicated (in Spanish and English), but temporarily only the Spanish blog is available.

Access to BITrum contributions blog