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2010/04/01-BITrum presents a pre-proposal for COST / March 2010

posted 1 Apr 2010, 14:57 by José María Díaz Nafría   [ updated 22 Oct 2011, 07:50 ]
The proposal submitted on past March 26th, planned following basic project objectives in collaboration with some European researchers, includes some changes with respect to the pre-proposal submitted in 2009. According to the previous assessment, the scientific objectives should be better specified and impact means should be better proved. Regarding the scientific programme we proposed an articulation in some porous frameworks, namely:
  1. FORMAL framework. Studies logical and mathematical tools and concepts from main current formal theories, such as channel theory, general information theory and universal logic.
  2. INFO-COMPUTATIONAL framework, considering information as structure and computation as its dynamics in different systems
  3. ORGANISATION OF MATTER framework, from quantum information to complex molecules; from a holographic universe to the indeterminacy of observation.
  4. BIO-INFORMATIONAL framework, from molecular complexity to life and cognition. Evolution, genetic information and neural processes.
  5. COMMUNICATIONAL framework, aware of the complexity of significance-, communication- and interpretation processes.
  6. SOCIETAL framework, centered in ethical and critical aspects of information and information society
  7. SYSTEM THEORY framework, around self organisation from physical structures to complex societies.
  8. INFORMATION MANAGEMENT framework, from data realm to a sustainable information society (data, information, knowledge management)...
  9. PHILOSOPHICAL framework. Discussion of arguments and ideas concerning the nature of informational content and the philosophy of information.
Concerning impact, the partaking in and deployment of DomusBITae initiative represent an advantage with respect to previous alleged means for achieving impact.

More details on this proposal, which assessment is envisaged for the next May, can be found in the private area. Any comment will be very welcomed.