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2009/07/30-Call for contributions to Glossary first edition

posted 30 Jul 2009, 16:32 by   [ updated 22 Jul 2010, 16:06 by José María Díaz Nafría ]
As you may see, our BITrum glossary begins to improve. However, to conclude its first version, we do need your effort and collaboration.
In order to assign an ISBN to the glossary, we are required a more or less final version of the text. Since all participants (authors or editors of articles and commentators) are involved, we hereby call for your texts in this monograph.
Call for entries and article edition
To reach this objective, a first version is needed on about October the 30th. Therefore,
  • Collaborators working in entries should finish their contribution around September the 30th.
  • Also editors responsible for voices should submit final bilingual versions by October the 30th (non native Spanish speakers will be properly helped).
As it seems, we don’t have other choice but follow this schedule to obtain an ISBN.
Management and visualization of Glossary activity
To ease updated access to the current state of any voice, an "management" page have been created, which you may access from any point in the glossary (within the navigation box "BITrum glossary" located at the link column).
Moreover, each editor should subscribe to changes in his/her articles, in order to follow up eventual comments and contributions. Once subscribed to changes in an article, the system will alert you by e-mail of any contributed text or change in the article page. Please don't forget to subscribe both to the english and spanish pages of each of your edited articles.
To subscribe to the changes of one article you have to be located in its corresponding page and:

1st)      select “more actions” in the upper tool bar

2nd)     select “subscribe to changes in the page
To foster cooperation, it is important to signal new entries and contributions to the glossary. A set of marks on the index is used to indicate contributions to entries. Hence, just a stare at the index shows active entries. Please let us know any omission or error within the indexes or in the previously mentioned archive for glossary management.
Aming to clarify the usage of edition pages, some instructions for editors about meta-comments to leave in the article pages in case of "direct article edition" or "edition in only one language" can be found in the Guidelines page, or in the pdf manual.
Finally, you are kindly encouraged to include comments, texts, documents or links to entries, thus collaborating with other editors.


Best regards and happy summer,
Coordination team