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2010/04/17-domusBITae initiative is presented to the Spanish national plan of R+D+I

posted 17 Apr 2010, 02:40 by José María Díaz Nafría   [ updated 22 Oct 2011, 07:50 ]
domusBITae initiative promoted since the end of 2009 by BITrum in collaboration with several national and internatinal institutions (INTECO, Foundations of Information Science, Science of Information Institute, Unified Theory of Information, etc.) was presented on past April the 15th through two proposal to the Spanish National Plan of Research-Development-Innovation within the programme of Not Targeted Fundamental Researchof the Spanish Ministry of Science. Although formally associated to only some representatives, the proposals are actually linked to BITrum activity as a whole. These proposals, foreseen for developing the subsequent phases of domusBITae strategy after the constitution of the consortium and the submission to Brussels for pre-evaluation, follow two different lines:
  • (type B, concerted actions of scientific-technical nature, networks) with the title: "Further national steps for building a global virtual community in information studies: domusBITae"
  • (type D, Preparation of proposal for the engagement of Spanish research teams into the EU Frame Programme): "DomusBITae. Building a virtual research community in information studies".
With the combination of these proposals we aim at: 1) deploying first steps of domusBITae strategy by housing SoII, FIS and BITrum; b) getting support for preparation of a FP7 action (dissemination, enlargement of consortium, full proposal elaboration).

In the private area, access is provided to the presented proposals and the annexed documentation (access).