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2008/11/26-Goodbye Ricardo

posted 25 Nov 2008, 16:31 by José María Díaz Nafría   [ updated 28 Oct 2009, 15:40 ]
In the morning of November the 14th, the Spanish professor of Journalism and astrophysicist Ricardo Pérez-Amat, member of BITrum, was found lifeless in his house of Alcorcón (Madrid).

He encouraged us as we just started to underpin the Meeting and the Project. He sat next to us to defend a semantic approach that he had virtuously harvested long time ago –so to speak- in the middle of the desert, because as advocate of communication technologies, it was not enough for him to promote channels left, right and centre; he had to fulfil them with words, reasons, comprehension, tolerance… with sense. Whatever finally closed his eyes, while he was among us, it started to close his mouth. Nevertheless he stood up slumped, he found enthusiastic words, he got wise entangled in the disquisition of any issue with his proverbial memory –and I say it, after having enjoyed with him hours of the most pleasant and friendly conversation-, he became engaged, he worked and left us several monuments with the footprint of his virtue.

In only few days, he was a real friend and now I can only miss him, as one miss the companion who walks beside you and who makes the path and the course credible. I still have his compass, his trust, his example… I miss the sound coming out from the feet striking the path… I also have the hope he pour out in his words…

Somehow, we have to say him goodbye, but also that his intent IS entangled in ours. Thanks companion, thanks friend and rest, that although you could have taken many more steps, those that you took and we knew were refined and your footprint and sense remain clearly drawn.

José María Díaz Nafría,
26 Nov 2008, 11:10