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2009/11/20–Publication of the special issue of TripleC "What is really information?" in the I Anniversary of BITrum

posted 20 Nov 2009, 14:46 by José María Díaz Nafría   [ updated 20 Dec 2010, 16:02 ]
In November the 19th, the special issue of the journal TripleC devoted to the foundational Meeting of BITrum was published, coinciding with the first anniversary reached through a satisfactory path.

We are very pleased to announce the publication of the special monographic issue of the Journal  TripleC (Cognition-Communication-Cooperation) with the title: What is really information? An interdisciplinary approach. This number includes reviewed contributions to our Meeting held at León in November 2008, during which BITrum was founded. Let us take this event as a celebration of this first year, in which the following activities have also been carried out:

  • the glossary contains about 70 edited articles, more than a hundred contributions and will be soon published;
  • An electronic cooperative system has been developed for the group;
  • Research projects have been submitted to 4 international calls (they have not succeeded in obtaining founding, but their evaluation is promising for future calls);
  • Links have been stablished with other internatiional scientific communities on information, and more than 20 new members have joined the group;
  • An editorial project including translations and original writings is being promoted, and BITrum is currently working on cooperative activities with further scientific societies such as SOII and FIS

Moreover, the current Colloquium BITae and many further activities have been developed. We would have celebrated this anniversary with a real non virtual meeting if we had found financial support... But as a friend said a couple of days ago, regarding all these activities and quoting Don Quixote: “if we accomplish all this in dry, what shall we get in wet?”

The coordination team deeply thanks all efforts carried by active members that did possible to have reached this point, bringing on your hands the special issue “What is information?” as well in a compiled version (e-book) as within TripleC site-board.

We send you cheerful greetings.

BITrum coordination team