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2010/07/26-Welcome to Rainer Zimmermann: understanding complexity

posted 26 Jul 2010, 11:15 by José María Díaz Nafría   [ updated 22 Oct 2011, 07:59 ]
We are very pleased to welcome Rainer Zimmerman into BITrum group. His transdiciplinary expertise in philosophy, mathematics, physics, literature, history... will be a sure basis for an undoubted enrichment on the elucidation of the information concept. Let us give just a few strokes on his biography:

Rainer E. Zimmermann received his PhD in Mathematics in 1977 from Frei Universität Berlin and spent the years between 1982-1988 in Studies in Philosophy, History, and Literature at Technische Universität Berlin. He received a PhD in Philosophy in 1988 from TU Berlin.

He has held the following positions: since 1995 Professor of Philosophy at the Polytechnic University of Muenchen; In 1998, Habilitation in Natural Philosophy (University of Kassel) – since then member (Privatdozent) of the department there; 1999/2000 Visiting Scholar at the History and Philosophy of Science Department and Visiting Fellow of Clare Hall, both at Cambridge (UK) – since then Life Member of Clare Hall; 2001 Research Visitor to the University of Bologna, Cooperative Research Project there under the title "Reconstruction of the Historical City Centre"; 2003 Senior Visiting Fellow to the Institute of Advanced Studies, Villa Gandolfi Pallavicini, University of Bologna; 2006 International Visiting Professor at the Information and Communication Technologies and Society program, University of Salzburg; 2010/2011 Visiting Professor, Centre for Metropolitan Studies, TU Berlin.

Among his broad scientific work it is worth to mention: Die Rekonstruktion von Raum, Zeit und Materie. Frankfurt a.M., 1998; Subjekt und Existenz, Berlin, 2001; Kritik der interkulturellen Vernunft, Paderborn, 2002; System des transzendentalen Materialismus, Paderborn, 2004; Die außerordentlichen Reisen des Jules Verne, Paderborn, 2006; [with S. M. Wiedemann] Reconstructing the Glass Bead Game. On the Philosophy of Information. TripleC 8 (2), 133-135, 2010.

For more information concerning his work, fields of interest, memberships, projects can be found in the private area.

Thank you, Rainer, for your support and your enthusiasm about BITrum.