1. BITrum Project

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Intedisciplinary elucidation of the Information Concept
The interdisciplinary research group constituted in November 7th 2008 on the occasion of the First International Meeting of Experts in Information Theory (held in León, Spain) is nowadays composed by more than 60 members from diverse nationalities and knowledge areas (going from telecommunications to philosophy, from biology to social science...), offering a common space in which the different points of view on Information can meet, discuss and understand each other. From this shared room we expect to address common problems of general interest in a new manner, in the hope to find -with maximum scientific rigour- better solutions, new ways of scientific inquiry, of technological development, and resolution of social problems.
In the Meeting held on November 6th-7th, almost a century of researchers of 10 nationalities were summoned to present their varied point of views, making clear:
i) the divergence of each perspective,
ii) the necessity to make those differences clearer,
iii) the interest to reach a mutual understanding of every focus, iv) the interest to set or refute a unified vision in all informational phenomena, allowing communication between the parties.
v) the relevance of many of the argued problems, over which a unified or interdisciplinary look may impact positively.
Around those interests, the interdisciplinary group is constituted with the objective and program further detailed.
Purpose and motivation

The BITrum project pursues an interdisciplinary approach to the information concept from a maximally open perspective, inviting the research community to express its multiple points of view regarding information.

Information may be taken in many different even divergent stances, concepts and research programmes. BITrum aims at the mutual understanding of all such perspectives.
These different regards reflect different theoretical problems, as well as the manifold interest within a society which nowadays intends to spin around information, and which considers this as an essential resource for the life of people, organisations and complex societies. In this sense, it becomes a necessary and urgent issue of general social concern to reach a coherent concept of information, in which all these perspectives are fulfilled.


Currently, the research group, articulated in disciplinary working teams, is developing a glossary of terms, metaphors, theories, consequences and applications around the information concept. Here, the main problems regarding information are tackled (e.g., the ones related to knowledge, cultural pluralism, communication, evolution...) which from every point of view involve a different  approach and solution.

In the near future, the working groups should define their disciplinary research programmes using the clarified terminology with the intention to solve the main problems raised in the glossary, as well as to match the general objective of searching a unified or maximally general shared view. 
José María Díaz Nafría,
12 Mar 2009, 03:15