1.2 Objectives

The general project's "OBJECTIVE is to elucidate the information notions in a interdisciplinary manner, trying to define maximally general notions without neglecting any particular interests or objectives sheltered by any point of view, and moreover, distinguishing different analytical levels: concepts, metaphors, theories, consequences and applications" (Memorandum §1). Our search is also engaged in the functionality and scientific fruitfulness of the clarified notions.

This general objective unfolds in the following more concrete purposes:
  1. Search for a maximally general and useful notion, or by default a minimal quantity of irreducible concepts.
  2. Complement the general notions to prove their applicability in particular fields or disciplines.
  3. Explain and classify all clarified notions.
  4. Evaluate to what extent the actual scientific and social interests are reflected by the clarified notions.
  5. Elaborate a common transversal terminology conceived as crossing different points of view (information glossary).
  6. Use the elucidated notions to eventually restate related problems: knowledge, communication, information society and pluralism.
  7. Propose useful models of quantification of information alternative to the standard.
  8. Dissemination of the obtained results and developments, including: a) clarified notions; b) future research projects; c) interdisciplinary communication channels; d) pedagogical, scientific and divulgative dissemination.