Strategy (constitutional agreement)

(Collected in the Constitutional Memorandum of BITrum project and taken as basis for incorporation of new Members)
Versión española

In the evening of November the 7th 2008, gathered in the auditorium of the Sierra-Pambley Foundation, located in León (Spain), 47 researchers of 9 nationalities representing different interests and knowledge areas and open to further inclusions, explicitly agree to collaborate in an interdisciplinary approach in the following terms:

1st    Its general OBJECTIVE is to elucidate the information notions in a interdisciplinary manner, trying to define maximally general notions without neglecting particular interests or objectives sheltered by any point of view, and moreover, distinguishing different analytical levels: concepts, metaphors, theories, consequences and applications.§

2nd   Its first interdisciplinary action consists in the creation of a GLOSSARY of concepts, metaphors, theories and problems concerning information, in which the editorial work is distributed among those member who want to be responsible for particular articles and using the entries proposed by any other member. It was also appointed: December 21st as deadline for term proposals for a first distribution of articles and editors; as editorial coordination team: Francisco Salto, Mario Pérez-Montoro and José María Díaz; and Rosa Macarro as responsible for the English edition. A first edition is expected for the following summer.

3rd   The interdisciplinary group articulates in disciplinary WORKING TEAMS {[Logic], [Semantics-ontology], [Ethics-legal], [Economy], [Sociology], [Technology], [Metaphors], [Information Management], [System Theory], [History], [Cognits], [.], [Unification]}. Each of them should determine –according to general objectives- their particular: objective, method and responsible person. These representatives constitute at the same time the “unification” team.

4th   For the ADMINISTRATION work, the following team is appointed:

a)    Scientific board: J.M. Aguado (socio-cybernetics), B. Al-Hadithi (fuzzy system theory), J. R. Álvarez (philosophy of science and biology), R. Capurro (information ethics), J. Ezquerro (cognitive science), P. Fleissner (economy, system theory), L. Floridi (information philosophy), S. Gutierrez (Linguistics), W. Hofkirchner (system theory, information society studies), Pedro Marijuán (information science, bio-information), J. Lara (biology), T. Ortiz (neuroscience), J.M. Sagüillo (logic), J. Segal (history of science).

b)    General Coordination: José María Díaz and Francisco Salto;

c)    Computer tools: Leticia Barrionuevo;

d)    Editorial Team –mentioned above– for the glossary and new publications;

e)    Representative of each working team.

5th   An INTERNET TOOL for the collaborative job will be developed, which should include: a) public portal containing: project description, members, news, links, documents (starting with “What is information?”); b) Working teams area, in which every working team has:  forum, member list, agenda, contact list, links, archive; c) Edition area for the glossary: an adapted wiki tool for our editorial particularity.

6th   As long term STRATEGY the group aims at becoming the Spanish group of reference in “information theories” while other bonds with European and international networks consolidate. Once this consolidation is reached, the project would try to define its programme in the frame of the European Science Foundation (Eurocores) or in the interdisciplinary European networks COST (ERA-NET). In a medium-term, it will be applied for the Spanish Programme of Internationalization of R+D and similar calls being compatible with members’ research activities, and which may converge with the project programme.

7th   DISSEMINATION actions will be pursued in order to raise Group visibility. Among them:

a)    Development of conceptual maps starting from the Proceedings book.

b)    Special issue of “triple-C” (edited by Hofkirchner and Fuchs) relative to the Meeting, including all the English writing articles. For reviewing or translating purpose a month term is opened (until December 21st).

Founding Members (León, Spain, 2008/11/07):

Aguado Terrón, Juan Miguel; Aguilar, Carlos; Al Hadithi, Basil; Álvarez Bautista, Juan Ramón; Barrio Juárez, Félix Antonio; Barrionuevo Almuzara, Leticia; Campos Havidich, Manuel; Capurro, Rafael; Currás Puente, Emilia; Diáz Nafría, José María; Fernández Esteban, Samuel; Fernández Molina, Juan C.; Ezquerro, Jesús; Fleissner, Peter; Floridi, Luciano; Florio, Anto; Fuchs, Christian; Gallego Lorenzo, Josefa; García Álvarez, Julio; Gejman, Roberto; Gutiérrez, Salvador; Hofkirchner, Wolfgang; Lara, Juan; Le Monde Diplomatique español; Liz Gutiérrez, Antonio Manuel; Llamas Alonso, Rosa; Macarro Asensio, Rosa; Marcos, Alfredo; Marijuán, Pedro; Mastromatteo Lanza, Estela; Méndez, José Manuel; Morán, Marian; Morato Lara, Jorge; Moreiro González, José Antonio; Ortíz Alonso, Tomás; Ostalé García, Julio; Pérez-Amat, Ricardo; Pérez-Montoro Gutiérrez, Mario; Robles, Gemma; Rodríguez Bravo, Blanca; Sagüillo Fernández-Vega, José Miguel; Salto Alemany, Francisco; Sánchez Cuadrado, Sonia; Sánchez Gómez, Lydia; Segal, Jérôme; Serrano de Haro, Agustín; Vázquez Campos, Marga.